Frequently Asked Questions

How to start?

The supplier must sign the following agreements: A / with Durviz accepting the warehousing conditions (it will include payment date),  B / Durviz just as responsible for logistics and shipments .

How to prepare the stock and shipment to the European Warehouse?

The supplier ships the products with the documentation to his company name and appointing his agent (Durviz). The goods are clearance in Customs and duties and taxes are paid according to the type of product.

Products are received in Durviz warehouse. During this process the products are kept at the correct tª.

Customs are paid by Durviz and immediately charged to the Supplier. These expenses are generated with every order. For this reason it is important to ship big orders and try to avoid individual shipments.

What is the order process?

The supplier will always decide which customer- supplier he wants to work with, as well as the sale conditions.

The supplier must prepare delivery notes and bills. When Durviz receives any order it will be forwarded to the supplier in the USA for acceptance and preparation of the delivery note.

Durviz will send every week the information regarding the situation of the stock in the European Warehouse.

How to prepare the price list EU?

The price list must be in dollars or euros (note exchange rate Dollar / euro) .This price list will include the cost of the product (see discounts) plus shipping costs, plus custom, DDA and warehouse costs.

These total costs should be cheaper than sending individual shipments, with the advantage of reduce delivery time (customers can receive the products in the next day).

Distributors and customer will always be able to buy directly from the USA if they find this option more interesting for them.